Poptropica Cheats by Skyboy303

About PoptropicaWorld.com: I actually don’t have my poptropica cheats website on wordpress.com, but we decided to create a WP blog so people could find my main website at PoptropicaWorld.com. I like to build my websites on my own server so I have more control over the style and features, that’s why my main site isn’t on WordPress.com.

Promo Codes for Poptropica

If you haven’t been to the website, it’s one of the largest poptropica cheats blogs on the internet and has over 3000 visitors every day!

About Skyboy303:

This is me… not a bad looking guy if I do say so myself haha


I used to own a club penguin blog that was very popular but after I stopped playing the game I moved onto poptropica and decided to change my username so other people wouldn’t keep asking me about CP haha.

Anyways I was inspired to build my poptropica blog because of other great bloggers like SuperThunder, BraveTomato, Slanted Fish and a bunch more!

If you would like me to write for your wordpress blog or website you can add me by my email poptropicacheatsworld@gmail.com or my username skyboy303! If you have a good blog I will probably be willing to help write some good posts to help make it even better!

Also you can follow me on twitter @poptropicaworld and shoot me a tweet and I’ll follow you back!

If you want to know anything more just leave me a comment or send me a message and I’ll try to get back to you as fast as I can.

Anyways thanks for visiting this blog and be sure to check out my main website and let me know what you think.  I’m always trying to make it better for my visitors so if you have any ideas leave me a comment on the blog or send me a message on twitter/facebook!